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Explanations of all the different numbers:

Numbers In General

1 = Leadership / independence.
2 = Diplomacy / tact.
3 = Creativity / self expression.
4 = Practicality and realism.
5 = Freedom / adventurous.
6 = Compassion / Service.
7 = Spirituality / truth.
8 = Perseverance / wealth.
9 = Artistic / imaginative.

Master Numbers

11 = Illumination / insight.
22 = Ambition / inspiration.

Karmic Debt

13 = Labor / obstacles.
14 = Enslavement / victimization.
16 = Destruction / ego.
19 = Solitude / personal struggle.

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What is Numerology?
Ever wonder why specific numbers seem to have certain meanings?  Like the numbers 7 3 and 12 that are mentioned with great significance throughout the Bible?  How about the number 13 being unlucky? Not to mention the famous 666!

Is Numerology Real?
Judge for yourself! This section deals with the validity of this ancient practice with an unbiased look at how numbers, and the vibrations represented by them, effect our lives.

Numbers and Their Meaning
Want to know what it means when your life path is a 1? How about if its a 4? Want to know the difference between a 6 challenge number and a 3?  This reference will be of great assistance in your understanding of numbers.

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This section shows you how easy it is to do numerology for yourself. It is really not that hard, no complex math only simple addition and subtraction. Doing it yourself may not quite give you the complete depth and scope that a professional one will, however you can also order one of them  if you like.

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